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Where is the Frontline?

You cannot win the battle if you don’t know where the front line is. As Christians our call is to the frontline. Jesus commands to us is to “GO,” but where? Jesus gave a great example in the story of the Good Samaritan and in that story we learn that the frontline can be anywhere as we make our life journey.
The troubled lives we meet at work or school or in the neighborhood. The frontline can be on the playground or in the gym, it can be the fight in the bedroom of husband and wife overheard by the children, the talk of divorce or thoughts of suicide. It can be a brother or sister discouraged by the trials of life who need an encouraging word.
As Christians we have GOOD NEWS and our lives should be good news to those we meet. Jesus, the hope of the world lives in us and it is our joy to share that HOPE. No situation is too difficult for Him and no problem is ever too big for Him to solve. Instead of trying to get people to go to Church, let us take the Church to them by being the Church.  We believe the greatest work of the Church is never in the pew but on the road to Jericho.                                                                               

See one of our pastors/staff and watch this page for more information. Please be in prayer that we will be available and obedient tools as we reach out to our neighbors, co-workers, class-mates, families and those around us.

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