How Do I Meet People?

We are a family united in love and by the Love of Christ. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can connect, grow, serve and go at Jason Chapel Church of the Nazarene.

Sunday School & Small Group

We have Sunday morning Sunday School and Small Groups as well as Bible Quizzing for Children and Youth.  We also have groups that meet on different days for special Bible Studies as well as topical items.  See our bulletin or Small Groups and Ministries page for more specifics.
Frontline Ministries - In obedience to the command "Go and make disciples..." we are equipping, teaching and leading lifegroups out in the trenches.  We want to reach people with Christ's love and compassion at work, at school, in our neighborhood, on the bus -- wherever the Lord opens the door.  Join us this summer and fall as we "Share God's Grace In Our World"

FBI (Fellowship by Interests)

Three times a year (Fall/September, Winter/January, Spring/March) various groups will meet over a 6-8 week period, based upon interests.  Some examples of groups are Canning, Motorcycles, Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Computers, Finance, Discipleship, and more.  If you have an interest talk to us about joining a group, or even leading one!   We desire our church body to unite across age groups, and also to be a doorway for others to meet us outside of the "church building".

Children's Ministry

Each Sunday morning, children get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn. Each of the class teachers is carefully screened and thoroughly trained in children’s instruction. We follow the NazSafe guidelines in order to make our church a safe place for your children.

Youth Ministry

We have a large and active youth group.  They participate in at least one mission trip a year, have their own Praise Band, and learn the Word and how to live it from caring and involved sponsors and pastors.  We follow the NazSafe guidelines in order to make our church a safe place for your teens.

Young Adults

Life can get complicated once you cross that nebulous threshold into adulthood. There are complicated decisions. Bigger stakes. Serious relationships. And a whole lot more decisions. Our Young Adult group provides a welcoming atmosphere for college and early-career aged young people.

Ladies' Ministry

Our Women's Ministry gives the ladies in our church family special times of interaction. Meeting throughout the year, there are times of Bible study, prayer (and, of course, food). These groups provide a refreshing discipleship opportunity for the women in the church.

Men’s Prayer Group

Accountability among men is an act of integrity. Accountability is designed to protect, encourage, and develop men of all ages. Meeting monthly, our men strive to be iron sharpening iron.

Married Couples, Single Parent and Divorce Care

Even though marriage is one of the most important institutions, it is the one which is under the most attack--internally and externally.  Jason Chapel offers books, materials, special classes and counseling in order to strengthen, repair, encourage, heal marriages and families, whether married, single or a single parent household.

50 Ups

Once you get past fifty, the fun has just begun. Whether retired, just plain tired, or active as ever, our 50 Up group meets monthly for games, refreshment, ministry, and times of valuable interaction as well as opportunities to serve in areas of needed assistance.